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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

$50million in Diamonds stolen at Brussels Airport without a single shot fired

Police in Brussels are still investigating how a gang of 8-man robbers breached security at Brussels Airport without a single shot fired in a record time of less than five minutes.

About 20 passengers were already seated in Helvetic Airways flight scheduled to depart Brussels, Belgium to Zurich in Switzerland unknown to them that a cargo is being loaded on board containing diamonds worth $50million that would never get to its destination.

Shortly before 8pm Monday, eight men broke through the perimeter fence at Brussels Airport with two cars fully armed to teeth in military uniforms and sped towards the aircraft on the tarmac.

While no shot was fired, local authorities says the pilot, co-pilot and transport security guards were threatened  before the men snatched the luggage containing the diamonds within a space of three minutes.

They immediately escaped through the same perimeter fence.

Security officers are still investigating the breach.

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